Salon of Rejects

2010 – The emerging of  'Salon of rejects' ( ' Salon des Refusés' ) 
'Salon of rejects' is an art event that takes place from the 5th – 8th of May, 2010, coextensive with the art fair 'fresh paint'.
: Art values an examination of terminology
'Salon' and 'Salon of rejects', have always been well known labels of art history.
The 'Salon' –  a common name of the official exhibitions of the 'Académie des Beaux-Arts' at Paris, appeared at the 17th century and gained immense importance. Similar to the 'Oscar Event' these days, exposed in the center of a broad public attention, the works were chosen by a certain jury. Some selected artworks where awarded medals. Basically, the choice of an art piece opened doors to an artist, both in matters of prestige and value on the art market. Over the intervening years, conditions of choice turned more and more conservative.  Innovative trends that drifted apart from common academic style and theme resulted in rejection. And so Édouard Manet's; ' The Luncheon on the grass', found itself beyond reach of the 'salon'.
A similar situation and the wish to present other art resulted in the establishment of alternative salons which made place for 'deviating' arts. The first avant-garde salon: 'salon of the rejected' was founded in 1863.
The driving force to create a 'salon of the rejected 2010' resulted from the urge to present artworks and artists that have been refused display at 'fresh paint'.
This year 1200 artists have submitted applications, 60 where accepted. What is happening to this 'left over' ? What is the appearance of such an artwork like, that tried to access 'fresh paint' but did not succeed ? As a result of arts curiosity 'salon of the rejected' is kind of a research. It aims to focus on the spotlight on new, fresh, experimental and innovative art. We aim to experience and to display art that can be viewed apart from central exposition spaces, therefore our call was aimed at  artists that have been refused by 'fresh paint'. Our promise was to expose one chosen art of each artist. Furthermore, as part of our research, besides artworks, being refused by 'fresh paint', other artworks concerning the subject rejection are being displayed, works that have not been exposed in galleries, neither in museums.
We would like to ask creators, as well as the audience, to take a further look and to examine again terms as 'art' and 'refusal'. Meanwhile we will explore a rich visual voyage, as well as the participating artists. Terms as 'renewal', 'creativity', 'examination of limits', 'deviation from the norm', -as to legislate again a new perspective on Israel's world of arts.
Additional Details:
'Salon of the rejected' 2010 is located at Amiad Center, Amiad Street 12, Flee Market, Jaffa
The exhibition is open from Wednesday until Saturday, 5/5/10-8/5/10
Opening hours:
Wednesday,5/5/2010, 12:00-22:00
Thursday,6/5/2010, 12:00-22:00
Friday,7/5/2010, 10:00-18:00
Saturday,8/5/2010, 10:00-22:00
Vernissage-Exhibition Opening, on Wednesday, 5/5/2010, at 20:00

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